Guardian Leasing is an independent leasing company THAT represents some of the  country’s most sound and responsible commercial banks and funding sources. The company was originally started in 1984 by E. Bourke, Sr. and sold to an investment company in 1997 who’s focus was in healthcare. In 2001, it was repurchased by Ed. Bourke, Jr. and is currently operating as a general equipment LESSOR.

Over the last 25 years, Guardian has been providing small to midsize business owners with local funding, while also having the availability of the financial services offered by investment bankers when needed. Our available product lines range from the simple plain language equipment lease agreement for SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZED business to monetization financing for investment grade entities.

We feel that our success lies in the fact that the majority of our customer base have returned for additional lease or finance agreements as their businesses have grown. The various vendors we work with are leaders in their respective industries, both on a regional basis and national level. Many of our vendors offer out private label customized financing programs.

We welcome you to our Website and look forward to working with you and providing your company with the most up to date financing available today.

A closing note regarding financing in this changing economy:
Bigger is not better, QUALITY IS!

Know Guardian Leasing

Guardian Leasing provides leasing and financing services for a wide arrary of different industries. Guardian Leasing is truly your most dependable source for all makes and all models.

Our extensive customer list includes family and business customers who have been loyal clients ever since we opened for business.

We invite you to speak with us and become our next success story.

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